should i trade?

i was wanting to trade my 06 yz450 for a wr450, i was hoping to find an 07 wr. i found a guy willing to trade me an 06 that is in great shape im just wandering if its a worth while trade going back to a steel frame. any thoughts?

I have both the 06 YZ 450 and an 03 WR 450. Dont think there is too much difference between a 03 and 06 WRs. I would hold out for a 07 or newer WR. Just dont try to compare the motors. To me, there is a night and day difference in performance. Good luck!

ya i think i would miss my aluminum frame. i just really want a magic button and lighting

I know what you mean. Thats why I have both. If the trade includes a Lic. plate then the trade is worth it.

maybe ill just convert mine to a wr

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