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2000 DS80 Jetting

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So i rebuilt the bottom end for my friend's son's DS80. I removed the oil injection per his dad's request and I was told the carb was rebuilt before i got it. Anyway, it fires up fine, but it doesnt want to idle down to fast and if you ride it and try to go past half throttle it bogs and wont rev. Im thinking that I leaned the bike out a little bit by removing the oil injection and running mixed gas now. Im not sure if that little bit is enough to matter or not though. Im not sure of the carb settings right now as i was tired after i finished getting it put together last night. Ill check them out tonight and post them up. I suspected it may be an air leak but I checked and there wasnt any. Just any help on what carb settings may cause a bike to act the way it is will help. Im trying to hook this kid up with a trouble free bike as his first.

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