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CR 250 elictrical system issues..appreciate any help!

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Hey there, so I recently picked up a 91 cr250r that ran fine when I got it. Unfortunately my buddy wrecked it on the road the day after I got it. Now, other than some basic things, there wasn't anything major wrong with the bike. After the wreck it started on the first kick and I rode it back to my garage. I also rode it a couple times after that (even though it was missing a footpeg from the wreck) but on the last day I rode I had it out, it began to miss a little bit in the low rpms. Since I shut it off that day, the bike is no longer producing any spark.

I know for sure that the plug is not at fault, and neither is the killswitch. I have tested the resistance on the coil and have tested every other wire in the electrical system according to the specs in my manual and everything checks out so far. Where do I go next? I don't want to blow money on a brand new CDI or stator until I have no options left, but I'm not very experienced in diagnosing electrical problems (I work on my own bikes, but I'm young and just never have had an electrical issue).

Is there a way to check that the alternator/stator is sending out some charge? Or is there anything else I may have looked over? Thanks in advance for anyone who chimes in, I appreciate it.


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