Aftermarket pipes?

Im curious which pipe you guys like best.Some of you have tried several.Also which needle goes with the pipe of choice?Noise is not a concern here.It is a safety feature!

Thanks guys

[ August 09, 2002: Message edited by: Cabo-Cowboy ]

I just put on the WB E Hawkins Quiet Series. I really like the increase in low and mid range power. I do not know how they can advertise this thing as quiet. It came with 12 disk, but I am down to 7 to try to keep the noise down.

I am also running the EMM needle with stock jetting. (big improvement with yz timing)


I have a 99 WR. I run a supertrapp exhaust with a power bomb header. EKN needle, 172 main(I think), going back to 48 on the pilot. Also use the P38 mod on the carb. 14 disks in the trapp.

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