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Hotstart kills motor 2003 CRF450X

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Wondering if anyone could help. I have a 03 CRF 450x

FMF PowerBomb

Twin Air Filter

Stage 1 Hotcam

12.5 - 1 Wisco

170 Main Jet

42 Slow jet

Aftermarket air/fuel screw

Valves are adjusted right.

Bike will not start cold with choke on.

With bike running putting choke on will rev motor up

If hotstart is pulled while bike is running it kills motor

Before I go and buy a bunch of jets to try I was wondering if there was anyone else that may have had this problem. If so could you share what you had done?

Maybe my jets are OK because the plug looks great. I am wondering if the hotstart killing the motor has something to do with the cam or high compression pitston I just put in.

I appreciate your thoughts.


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Thank you!

Any reason why the bike will not start on choke when cold? You have to kick it for a while on choke and then shut choke off to get it to fire up and run.


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