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Tire sizing??

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Well I officially have the bug!!

Now I'm thinking that the tires need to be upgraded because the stock tires are terrible!!(for off-road) conditions.

I've decided to go with the Trakmasters K760's http://www.kendausa.com/motorcycle/dual_sport.html

But a bit confused on what size to be ordering??

Stock size on my bike(08 wrr) are rear--120/80/18


The front is the same size 80/100/21

Trakmaster's come in 120/100/18 & 110/100/18 & 100/100/18 for the rear?

What do these numbers mean? There isn't alot of clearance for that rear tire and I don't want to make the bike feel like a real slug!

Will I have to change gearing after a tire change?

Thanks for the input everyone!


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first set is tire width

second set is the sidewall

and the last is obviously the rim

i have mt21's front and rear.

front is 90/90/21

rear is 130/90/18

my next rear will prob be a 120/100 or a 110/100

just to try something diff.

when i got my mt21's i did notice that the bike got a bit more slugish

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I had K760s on my WRR for 3k miles. Sizes were 80/100/21 and 120/100/18. Everything was fine except for the rear ate the little mudflap thing because the knobs rubbed on it.

Keep in mind you are basically taking a tooth away from the back by going to a taller tire. Seemed to almost even out the speedo error though.

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So would it be any benefit to go with a 110/100/18? Are these measurements a percentage number or an actual measurement? Is it still going to eat up the little black splash guard?

Thanks again!!

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