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RM-Z 250 K9 for woods?

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I can buy rmz250(street legal) for 5500eur + registration cost`s...

This are price`s for other brand`s bike`s:

KTM 250 SX-F(2008) 7950 eur + registration cost`s;

KTM 250 EXC-F(2008) 9530 eur + r.c.;

Yamaha YZ 250 F 7030 eur + r.c.;

Honda CRF 250 r 7250 eur + r.c.;

Kawaskai KX 250 F 6000eur + r.c.;

So,what you think about rmz250 for woods?Is this good choice or not?

What are + and -?

What mods are necessarily on this bike for woods riding?

Then,I can take RM-Z 450 (2009) for 6000 eur...

I`m gonna sell Xr600 and keep Xr400 for DS...So,one of this bikes will be just for woods-and I don`t know which bike is best for that.

At first,I was thinking to buy KTM EXC 400 or 450,but price is insane-9590 eur.

Crf 450 x was my next choice,but dealer don`t have them.

Therefore,I`m thinking about rmz 250 for woods.

Opinions please?


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Try posting this in the Suzuki RMZ250 forum, I'm sure that they will be able to tell you if it's good or not off-road.

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