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torque specs?? help

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so my dang dog killed my manual:foul: my fault for leavin it on the chair next to the bike she eats fricken rocks so the manual is fare game i guess any ways i need torqe specs.

98 RM 250

case bolts??

center cases?

Side covers?

cylinder base?

Cylinder head?


Rad valve?

Thanks, got all my seal in and am ready to go but i need to torque it all down:thumbsup: and maby i will be able to ride this weekend.

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Here are the torque specifications for a 1998 RMX250. Should be identical to the '98 RM250, but I had to add that caveat. Suzuki does not list torque specs for the case, center case and side cover bolts, but instead lists the following:

Bolt diameter (NOT head size!) 4mm - 1.5 lb/ft, 5mm - 3.5 lb/ft, 6mm - 7.0 lb/ft. That should easily cover those bolts.

case bolts?? - see above

center cases? - see above

Side covers? - see above

cylinder base? - 27.5 lb/ft

Cylinder head? - 20.0 lb/ft

Ignition? - 58 lb/ft (I assume you meant the magneto rotor)

Rad valve? - see 4/5/6mm torque specs (I assume you meant the reed block)

If you really want to torque the side cover/center case/case/reed block bolts (I never), I'd suggest you borrow or buy an inch/pound wrench. Trying to set a regular foot/pound wrench to such low values will probably not give you an accurate result. A.J.

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I usualy just set my cordles drill to like 22 on the cluch and let her rip some one told me the zuki cases needed to be torqued? cool thanks i will be done finaly

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The link to the manual was very good...Do you have links to other year manuals...looking for a 1990 RM125

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