munched piston, and cylinder......etc

I say do it yourself, including splitting the cases...


The first (and only) time I split the cases I imagined a butt-load of transmission gears falling out on the floor. I took the bottom end (1982 YZ250 2 stroke) to a shop and had the mechanic look at it. I had tranny damage. He pointed out some gears he recommended me replacing, which I did. I WAS NOT charged for his 5 minute observation.

To split the case, I WOULD recommend a case splitter though. A homemade one would work...and is what I did use.

Doing your own work instills both pride and confidence in yourself. I have read enough horror stories here on TT about ignorant shop mechanics and outrageous service work bills.

:cool:Doing all your own work is an absolute WIN-WIN Situation!!! :)

I WOULD recommend a case splitter though.

This isn't necessary for the YZF/WR. Even on a seriously lunched motor they come right apart. I speak from experience. :)

Here is a link that shows some safety wire tech Safety Wire

It takes practice to do it right ( I've got 10+ years on commercial jets ). A 1/16" cobalt drill bit (to poke the holes with) and .032" safety wire is a good combination. Anything on my bike that has a tendacy to loosen, gets drilled and safetied.

Yamakaze, if you start at the skid plate and end up at the bolt, it will be a stronger safety.

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