Sheared key or not ??

if the key gets sheared will the bike start? if the bike does start will it run good? just asking cause i got my bike jan 28th ser#0941. i only have 14.3 miles on it due to weather.another thing.... when i start the bike after like 10 kicks it idles fine and no noise. once i put it in gear and ride it makes a clicking sound. the chain is a little loose and i was thinking it was the chain hitting the front sprocket guard. there's 2 feet of snow on the ground so i won't be riding anytime soon. when i did ride it, it was all power no sputter just kept pulling forever.i'd turn it off and hit the e-button and she'd start right up. please give me some feed back here people.

You can shear the key and the bike still run fine as the key is a reference point for the flywheel to lign up on. My bike progresively ran poorer as the flywheel shifted causeing the timing to change. The only real way to tell is pull the flywheel and check it.

thumperwr450f, try using the choke, it should not take 10 kicks.

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