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Coolant Leak!?!

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There is a small hole (1/8" diameter) in the case behind the water pump that has always been there but after a new top end (not the first) it now drips coolant at a pretty constant stream. its a 2001 yz125. Ideas??:)

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The hole is a weep hole designed to bypass the coolant if the oil seals fail.

It's better to shoot it at the ground than into the crankcase.

I replaced mine last year in my 03 YZ250.

The oil seals were bad, but mine also had scoring on the impeller shaft.

I replaced the shaft and the 2 seals.

By the way.. my shop manual shows the seals as the same part, but in fact they are 2 different sizes with different part numbers.

Keep that in mind when replacing yours.

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