Anybody here ever been to MOON ROCK NV. just outside of Sparks NV.

Would like to get a group to head up early March?

Hey people if you like desert riding/racing mountains,etc you will have a blast here. You can ride from Moon rock all the way to Oregon.

Moon rock is approx. 5200 ft elevation at camp and trails go up probably another 1000' plus.

Moon rocks is about 20 minutes past Reno NV. if anyone is interested a small group of us is heading up from Sacramento CA. on the weekend of March 8th

Hey daytripper,

I am very much interested !! I was planning on riding an enduro at Clear Creek but this may be an offer I can't refuse. A few guys I know may be interested too. I will however, have to get back to you. Will you be posting an update later next week?


Yes, as we get closer to March 8th I will keep everyone informed.

If possible I would like to head up friday March 7th afternoon or evening Although I dont know if I can get off work early or not.

Fryboy you better be doing the Boar that weekend.....


Hey Brian,

You are riding the Wild Boar? I was thinking the Wild Piglet :) Don't know yet if I can get the 8th off so if not, I will be riding the Boar.

Hope to see you there,


sounds good to me, i will pm you...


You guys sound like you rode the Holloween race at Moon rocks?

I saw the pictures of some of the costumes people wore while racing.


Nope not me! I never heard of Moon Rocks until you mentioned it. Nvr_fnsh and myself met at an enduro in December.


The Holloween race at Moon Rocks is a sight

When you get passed by a drag queen going 85 90mph

Hey Guys

The guys over on just did a moon rocks ride and it looks pretty cool - they have some pics up.

this place is worth the drive

11 days till MOON ROCKS NV.

7 days till MOON ROCKS NV. RIDE!!!

I am a Reno local and I went out to the Moonrocks with a huge group. We had a blast. Rode for 2 days and don't think we ever used the same trail twice. Everything from Open desert to narrow canyon rides.

I will be there... How do I know who is from the site?

Look for the 98 green Dodge ram 4x4 p.u. pulling resort brand camp trailer and wr426f with no numbers on plates and green chev p.u. & camper with K.T.M.525

also will be flying American Flag at camp.

We are heading up friday afternoon/evening

See you there


I've ridden Moonrocks the last 3 President Day weekends - '01, '02, '03. Haven't raced there. It's a great area - I prefer it to Jawbone/Dove Springs in SoCal.

I'll be at Clear Creek volunteering at the Wild Piglet 3/8 & racing the Wild Boar on 3/9. Have a good ride.


Have a local take you to "miner's cabin" for 360 degree panorama of Great Basin and good hillclimbs north of moon Rocks. Drive up the highway to Pyramid Lake (or ride there) to see Nevada's version of the Loch Ness Monster and the pyramid. Check out to find more people who know the area.

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