Green Sticker

Is there any word (rumors) of when the WRF will be a green sticker bike? If ever?

I heard the 2004 DRZ's will be green sticker, and thought that maybe as more red sticker four strokes turn green yamaha might feel some presure to make the WRF a green sticker bike.


If Yamaha would wake up and smell the coffee, they would bring the '04 out as a street-legal bike. It would be the same bike in as many respects as possible (suspension, engine, etc.)and easily upgraded. The green-sticker crap already forces them to meet almost the same requirements. Whatever 'detuning' they had to do could be easily 'owner-resolved'. It is easier to make a silk purse look like a sow's ear than vice-versa.

Just like with cars and trucks, the aftermarket (including Yamaha's GYTR) would profit by restoring the 'thunder'.

I know I would buy one.

The way corporate culture operates if there are Red Sticker WR450's sitting on dealer showroom floors at the end of the model year the Yamaha may step up to the plate and truely meet emissions for CA. As long as Yamaha sells all the WR they make they have no reason the change if the bean counters have anything to say.

It will take someone high up the food chain at Big Blue to bite the bullet and make the WR's CA Green Sticker legal.

Just in the small group I ride with 3 guys have sold their WR's and gone KTM Orange just to get the CA Green Sticker and the plate for dual sport use.

Does "green sticker" status mean anything to those of us east of the tofu curtain?



This will curl your hair:

I heard from a reliable source that the WR 400 actually passed emissions standards back in '00. So did the YZ 426 for '00. Right off the showroom floor of Montclair Yamaha. I don't know what else was involved with the qualification, or if politics was involved, but I'd sure hate to find out the WR was a sacrificial lamb just to appease the bureaucrats and give them something to show for their hard work and justify their weekly paychecks. I can't imagine that the average KTM RFS runs much cleaner than a jetted WR, if at all.

BTW, when are we gonna have that beer?


The regs cover more than just tail pipe emmissions. The biggest problem the WR has to deal with is the positive crankcase vent. I have a 1999 Honda XR 100 in the garage and this little bike has an air/oil separator attached to the engine breather. With the latest round of new requirements from the wonderful folks at SCAQMD we can add fuel tank vapor recovery.

I'm glad that KTM has the corporate balls to sell bikes with Green Sticker certs. I hope Big Blue wakes up and smells the ring blow by before KTM completely takes over the 'WR' market in CA.

Instead of beers how about riding instead? This Sat. I'm riding from Barstow to Laughlin. I got maps and GPS data. What's your excuse for not riding :)

The Green Sticker/Red Sticker aliment is a CA only problem for now. In the past trends that start in CA eventually spread to the rest of the country.

I posted this earlier but no one responded yet and I am seeing alot of activity on this thread so here it goes. Are the 1998 and 1999 wr 400 green stickers and the 2000 red sticker in ca. Am i correct in that the 2000 year yamaha made both the 400 and the 426. or did the 426 only come out for 2001. Thank you for your help. I ask because i want to buy either a 98 or 99 wr 400 if they are green sticker.

I'll take my best shot at this, Zekedawg: '99 was the last year for the 400 in the U.S. It was available longer overseas.

Corrections? :)

When buying used WR's in CA be sure to check the VIN. If there's a '3' or 'C' in the 8th digit the CA DMV will flag all transactions as an off road bike not meeting emissions. It doesn't matter if the bike is sitting with a current CA plate, green sticker and a clean title with the MC mark indicating a motorcycle. When you attempt to transfer the title you will envoke the full wrath of the DMV and only get a red sticker.

My 98 WR400 had a clean VIN and when I sold it the new owner did get the plate renewed.

Bottom line in CA ... check the freakin' VIN.

Dan's right

On WR's: model years 98 and 99 are likely to have the right serial nos for green sticker. In 2000, WR's were 400's and YZ's were 426 here in the states. You won't find a 2000 WR400 WITHOUT a 'C' or '3' in the 8th digit unless it came from Canada or overseas. Even then, maybe some of those have the dreaded killer 8th digit. It seems I heard they are somehow even catching up with some of those and re-issuing red stickers.

Dan, I have a club outing this weekend near El Mirage. So, my excuse for not riding is that I'm.....well....riding, LOL. If you get out to the area just north of the main entrance of the lakebed, look for the group of 50 or so RV's. That's us, TWMC.

Dan Clark

My 99 WR 400f which is for sale has a "w" in the 8th position of the V.I.N.


Jim I am interested in your bike I pm'd you earlier You can email me at

Zekedawg, If you really want a 426, just drive to Reno and get a "california" green sticker for $20!!! THe local dealers don't even care what kind of bike it is. If a ranger gets you, all you have to say is that it is a friend from Nevada's bike and they can't do diddlie. I have several friends in the Sacramento area that do this for their CRF450s... :)

Zekedawg, If you really want a 426, just drive to Reno and get a "california" green sticker for $20!!! THe local dealers don't even care what kind of bike it is. If a ranger gets you, all you have to say is that it is a friend from Nevada's bike and they can't do diddlie. I have several friends in the Sacramento area that do this for their CRF450s...

Jim-in-so-ore sold me his bike. I am picking it up sat. :):D :D :D

ZEKEDAWG - Good to see people who live in the neighborhood. :)

Lived in redding until I was 14. So I know some of the spots, but really want to ride the chappie area by the dam. What is the deal with the dam being closed and such. Can you still come in the back way. Or is it a hassle to get across the dam. I would like to comme up and try it one of these days.

You can cross the DAM by permit only. You can get the 3 forms online. Search for Gene Chappie. I think the permit is good for 6 months and is free. However, access was totally banned when we went to Orange alert. I haven't checked but hopefully it's back to where it was since we dropped back down to yellow alert. Still no RV's or overnite camping.

The back road is still there but is pretty rough. Not to mention Gene Chappie is pretty rough because nobody used it for a while. Rocks on rocks and overgrown brush everywhere but it's getting better. We had about 300 show up for the Poker Run Jan 15th.

RDR is trying to get a ride at Gene Chappie every 1st Saturday. Maybe you can make one of those rides.

I bought my 1999 wr 400 from jim-in-so-ore, he had it street registered. I took it to dmv to transfer title and I have taken all the street stuff off of it. The dmv had no problem giving me a plate for it even though I have no motorcycle lisence, no insurance, and not street legal stuff on the bike. The lady said as long as I don't ride on the road with out the right stuff and I am willing to pay a little extra fees it will always be plated, If I went to off road registration it would be a green sticker though. Did hear from a friend of a friend that cal was going to try to make the 98 and 99 wr red sticker now. I don't believe it but am not going to take any chances and will keep mine plated. Anyone else here anything about this? By the way the same friend said that since I have a plate that the sound requirements will no longer apply to me, I find this hard to believe but thought someone out there may know. My bike meets the db requirements but runs much better without the restrictions.

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