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NEPG National Enduro - Round 3 video

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If you haven't raced in Fla this one is a little hard to describe - it was our 1st time there and the palmettos the guys race through are just crazy.

Overall it was another great race, with a huge grass track in section 1, lots of tight woods, a killer palmetto section in #4, Five was a nice section sans the fire - I was filming fairly close, but not at it - the riders kept stopping to tell me about it and I was on the phone with 911 most of the time I was filming. We finished out in #6 with a fast flowing trail section.

In the end it lafferty on top, bobbitt 2nd, and palmer 3rd.

The day was capped off with Larry Maier doing interviews and handing out awards - it was great to see him out of retirement even if it was just for fun.

Alligator National


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