Help with gearing setup 08 YZ450

Picked up my new 08 YZ450 this past weekend, got to ride it a bit. I am in the process of setting it up to suit me. It was suggested to change the gearing to a 12/51 for trail riding. Seem a bit low. Also, I will be riding some motocross with this bike. What gearing should I start out with? A Rekluse Pro has already been installed if this matters as to the choice of gearing.

I'd suggest you try it as it is first, and see if there's anything about the way it's geared that you don't like before I spent on sprockets. I ran mine stock until the sprockets finally wore enough to merit replacement, and it was fine that way. You're using a Rekluse, so the bike will be even more flexible as to gearing at low speeds.

Wait and see.

Forget about the 12/51...that is way too low and running a 12t front sprocket has it's own problems as well like excessive wear on the chain slider.

As Gray says, since you have the Rekluse already you may not even feel a need for a gearing change.

I would however dump the stock chain and replace it with a quality chain like a Regina ORN6. The stocker is so cheap that it will stretch out of spec almost immediately and begin destroying your sprockets.

thanks for the insight. Just received the ORN6 today, best chain on the market IMHO, been running one on my YZ426 for the last year and it's still like new. I will wait on the gearing change until I wear out the originals. :)

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