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Disaster avoided

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So I get my Cylinder stud holes tapped today (and the 1 Power Valve cover hole) so I decide to put the engine back together.

After I complete the process of reassembling the motor, I start gathering up all the carboard boxes I had stuff in because I have a tiny area in which to work and it's already too cluttered.

As I am emptying boxes into the trash I grab the box I had the engine in when I took it to Fletch's to get the crank assembly installed.

In the bottom of the box is this piece


To me, it looks like the little collar spacers that go into a side number plate to help hold it securely, however, I decide to check the parts fiche just to be on the safe side.

As I am looking through the fiches, I notice on the Shift Shaft fiche, part 10


**** me in the ass and call me Judy!:banghead: Sure enough, it's missing from where it is supposed to be


This part is not a part I ever touched in my work. It is a part that Fletch left out when he reassembled the cases. I didn't even have a socket that would allow me to remove the clutch basket in order to even access this part.

So it's 11pm, Autozone is not open, I need to get this damn motor buttoned up, and I'm unsure how to get that part in.

I decided to push the shift shaft (where the lever connects) towards the clutch side to see if there is enough "wiggle room" to slip that spacer back into the place it is supposed to be residing.

Luckily enough, there is "barely" enough room. I mean there is probably less than 1mm of extra space.

I grab an old spring from a watercooling heatsink that I had on one of my old watercooled computers and I straighten it out and use some masking tape to hold the collar to the spring.

I slip it in and over top of the shaft it is supposed to be on, and then reconnect the shift shaft over it.


Now the motor is buttoned up, for the SECOND time today. This time with all the parts! :)

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