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Tailtidy and general '07 450X advice

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Im a rookie to this website (and off roading) and Im looking for some advice and help. I have recently aquired an 07 CRF450x which is pretty stock. The bike is X Honda UK and although it is road registered, it has only been used for demonstration purposes off road so it has no number plate on it yet. I've seen a tailtidy rear fender kit online which I want for my bike.


Does anyone know of a company in the UK that make a similar product. I've looked in the FAQ's but I can't find nothing in there that relates to the lights/electrics of the bike. Can anyone shed some light or point me in the right direction???

Also is there anything I should be aware of (mechanical wise) on the '07 model.

Thanks guys

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Welcome to TT!

I am a Brit living in Southern Spain. I also have a 2007 X on British plates. I don't know how, but I have seen a load of British reg'd bikes without brake lights, plate holders etc. In my case, the stock bike was registered without problem.

I recommend going to a specialist off road Honda dealer and ask their opinion.

Enjoy your bike, it's a beast! If you are new to off road, check out the Thumper Talk off road riding forum and Shane Watt's DVD 'Dirtwise'.

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