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DRZ Carb Update2 with movie link

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I have a couple posts on the issue. (I am not clear on forum etiquette so if I am supposed to be appending to the original thread, pls let me know). Thank you Eddie for all you help so far. :)

The bike will idle when warm. I think the slide wasn't properly seated, which may have been part of the issue. I have all the stock jets as recommended, 3rd clip, 1.5 turns out. While it will idle now, there is a spot on the bottom that seems off and it is popping even on slightest throttle application. Still a lean condition?

I warmed the bike up good. (But it is 30 degrees here in CT, not sure if that is a factor given the bike warmed up for 15 minutes). This link is to a one minute movie so you can hear what I am hearing. Any further advice is greatly appreciated.


Thanks much.

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