Rotor needed lapping

I borrowed my dealers puller tonight, I had previously checked the rotor torque and it wasn't even 30 ft lbs. I retorqued to 47 ft lbs and buttoned it up, then I read about broken keys after proper torqueing so I pulled the rotor and dyed the crank taper and it showed a couple of thin high spots, two sessions with the coarse lapping compound and one with the fine compound and it had full contact. After seeing the fit I would recommend lapping the rotor or a least checking the fit with dye. our bikes' serial number 0413 picked up 2/10 fired up 2/16 after 48/160 jet change no ride time yet.Engine # 1168

How course and fine of lapping compound? Thanks

It's made by VersaChem and called just "Metal Grinding compound" comes in 2 tubes one coarse and one fine. Bought it at the local auto parts store.

Got my Canadian WR450 last week. Decided to check the flywheel before doing any riding. The torque was OK but I felt that checking the "slop" in the flywheel would be better than pushing it through the woods. Had to use a puller to remove it, applied dyechem and there were serious high spots. The flywheel was easily removed at this point. I lapped it using coarse compound, after 10 laps the flywheel would need some yanking to get it off the shaft. After 5 more laps, no more high spots and needed puller to remove it.

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