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SM610 suspension settings for street use

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Hey Husky riders, I'm just curious what your suspension settings are at and what type of riding you do? I've never taking the time to set the suspension up on my husky. I may screw around with it this weekend.

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I guess all the SM610 riders are just as lazy as me. :)

I'm lazy when it comes to posting, but not when it comes to suspension:ride:

If you don't hve good suspension, there's no way you can take advantage of all a bike has to offer.

I thought my SM610 was pretty much unrideable when I first brought it home from the dealer. Now, granted, they aren't exactly set up for a -140lb rider, but still, there was no action in the forks whatsoever, and the rear spring was waaay too stiff. I tried to put up with it, hoping things would break in a little, but it wasn't happening. I tried remedying the situation with the clickers, but again, not enough could be done. I sent my suspension off to Les at LT-Racing and had it re-valved and re-sprung for my weight, riding style, etc. and it's been pretty sweet ever since. A little dialing in with the clickers is all it took to get it working pretty well. I still change it up sometimes, depending on where I'm riding, if I'm running my 5gal tank offroad, etc. but it was right in the ballpark of where it needed to be when I got it back.

In my opinion, suspension is the most important mod that can be done to a bike. No sense putting a pipe on it if the suspension isn't up to the task of handllng what is already there. Your mileage may vary, of course...


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