yz400f questions

okay, I am looking at buying a 98 yz400f, the main reason is it has a CA plate and the price is decent. The story of the bike is that it is owned by a man who has a shop, however my best friend who is the head mechanic of the local KTM dealer is not a big fan of their work.

Anyway, the owner states that he just redid the top end including adjusting the valves. The bike starts easy, however the jetting is off as the first 1/4 of the throttle just dies, you need more than 1/4 throttle to go, this does not bother me as I would get a JD jetting kit. The problem is that there is a major ticking sound as if the valvetrain is off, had he not stated that he had just done the valves I would gues they were out of spec. At this point I am leaning twords worn cam chain? Ideas please?

shop owner with a carb that need work sound stupid to me. any work that this bike actully need is probebly not cheap, beacuse he would have done it before he sale his bike.

yz engine is very noisy. listen to another 1

I agree with husqy. Anyone with a bike shop knows they can get a lot more money for a bike in good condition. If he's selling it for cheap and it ticks and the carb's not adjusted right then he's trying to get rid of it because the needed repairs are not worth the cost of the bike.

Ì am figureing on the posibility of needing major engine work, but to me it would still be worth t if I had to put 1000 into it, I like the bike and the engine characteristics, plus the plate is a major thing for me, and to top it off, the bike is lower than my current 250f which I really like. does the 426 head fit on the 400 engine?

...does the 426 head fit on the 400 engine?
Yes, with very minor mods.

Well I pulled the trigger and bought the bike, I will pick it up on Fri and check it out

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