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Can you help out a unlucky rider with some ohlins parts?

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I did a shock for a lad with a 94 cr 500, its a ohlins 46mm the old style one, he was rushed to rebuild the bike and didnt check the linkage, he liked it for 2 laps and then as he landed from the jump the linkage snapped, the shock rod was left to take the landing and its broke the rod as it screws into the clevis, i dont think i can get the threaded part of the rod out the clevis, there is nothing to get hold of, so he is in need of a rod,clevis and spring perch

i think the ohlins from that era are pretty similar, it uses loads of internal spacers to make it the right length, and i think nearly all modern crs uses the same type of clevis(not a fork like a kx)

so if you have anything let me know please.


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