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07 Complete stock topend rebuild parts list and $$

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Just added it up on honda parts direct. the complete head assembly, all 4 valves, springs, retainers, seals, cotters, and intake lifters comes up to $338 dollars. the piston, rings, clips, pin, and gasket kit B comes to $107.26.

add shipping and you can rebuild your topend for around 500 using stock parts which includes a brand new head. Last rebuild I spent about 300 on my head using stock parts and having a shop cut the seats and install the parts, so this seems like it could be a pretty good way to go.

I was just wondering the total cost if things don't go according to my all out rebuild plan. I'm going with another JE 13.5 and I'm looking into the RHC complete head, hope its cheaper than the pro circuit's $3000 head I see on motosport... choke.... :) thats what I say to that price.

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