your opinions please

i have an 06 yz450f but im wanting to get a wr450f, i would like to have electric start and lighting. i do only trail riding.

i found someone who would trade me an 06 wr. do u think id be down grading going to an 06 or should i try and find an 07 with an alunimun frame. any input would be helpful

On a conceptual level, if it's more like what you want in an off-road bike, it's a step up, regardless. Only you can decide that.

The steel frame's a step back, not because it is really much heavier, but because it feels a lot heavier that the aluminum models do.

The suspension is a step down on any WR, but it can be fixed very nicely.

The power is a step down, but the smoothness of the engine at low speeds may be a plus. Either way, power is correctable.

The electrical system, e-start, wide-ratio trans are probably all a plus for you.

I'd consider a WR myself, but probably not a steel one.

thats what i was kinda thinking. the steel frame is what mostly makes me not want it. did those have the oil tank in the frame?

Yes, they did.

I have a friend with the steel frame WR and it does "feel" a lot heavier than mine but it is definitely a more trail friendly bike the gearing seems to suit it very well, makes it a lot more forgiving creeping around trees going up a hill...IMO try to get an aluminum frame and you'll have yourself a winner

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