heat shield for header pipe?

Where can I buy or manufacture a head pipe gaurd for my aftermarket t-4 exhaust? It burns my pants and boots if I get too close to it. Any Ideas?

Would it be possible to tack weld 3 nuts on your T4 header, and use the original 426 heat shield?


As mentioned, use the stock heat shield. Weld on the (8mm?) nuts onto your head pipe.

I JUST had this done on my FMF Power Bomb header pipe.


how does this header wrap hold up

a lot of the riding i do is in deep sloppy mud.

i can imagine the wrap wont last more then a few rides

Ceramic coating, since I did mine, no more burnt pants and it only cost me $45.


where did you get it done?

Also Big Blue One is going to Hollister this weekend, ya night want to send him a pm and hook up I wil let him know. Not sure if I will make it, would like to hook up this weekend

BS, It will NOT make your Head Temp Rise....




Bonzai :)

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Mark_UK the header wrap holds up good except for briars. After a wile they will tear the material.

I wrap the head pipe with the stuff then about every 2 inches tie stainless steel safty wire around the pipe.

BigDesto after the header wrap my bike runs cooler

even in the tight 1st. gear single track trails

I do run sunoco purple gas (110 oct.)and that helps it stay cool.


Yamakaze, Is that a Power Bomb pipe?

I'm lookin' to replace my stock h-pipe (big ding in it, bought it that way) which header pipe would you go with?

Can these be popped/blown out? Some have guessed that a body shop could weld a stick onto it and slide hammer the ding out. Anyone experience a good fix? Thanks, TC

$30 i'll make you one like mine.tapered%20guard.JPGpipeguard2.jpg

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Be careful,it will also make your head temp. rise!


Yes thats a Power Bomb Header, Works Great, Lots of Low and Mid Range Boost.

I have poped a few dings out of header pipes in the past with the slide hammer method, works ok, but never really completely the same.

Bonzai :)

Uncle rich, how do you know that your temp didn't go up? Do you have a temp gauge on you bike?,or did your leg against the header feel cooler? Alot of hod rods have this,it does increase horsepower,but i was told that it also increases the head temp? I could be wrong,but it make sense

that it would create some temp increase,because it is not letting the heat dispurse!?????

I have wondered about the good vs. bad with header wrap as well. I have it on my truck and it did not make that big a difference in my underhood temps, which is what I was looking for. It did however make it possible to bush against the headers with out an instant burn.

I agree with BigDesto, the heat has to go somewhere, I think most of it goes out the back but the increased power claims would have to come from the combustion chamber I would think.

One advantage I can think of with wrap compared to a heat shield is riding in tall grass or brush. At one of our races last year a guy on a brand new 426 got off the trail and ended up down in a gully full of tumble weeds. He was clutching and pushing trying to get out and ignited the brush. He said he tried for a few minutes to stomp it out but when he saw the melted fuel line dripping fire he came to his senses and started worrying about himself. The brush was so dense he had to crawl over it and I guess he was lucky to outrun it. I have pictures but no url to post them to. If you would like to see them leave your email address. Or, I could send them to somone who knows how to get them on the page. Made me a believer in insurance.


EGO, I had it done at Accessories Plus in Belmont, they are right near me so I thought I would give them a try, like I said $45. Embee also does it and I was told on the phone $50 for the header but I would have to ship it also. I don't think I get to ride this weekend, I think I heard my wife mumbling something last night about visiting in-laws :D:) Let me know next time though.

It does go out the end. The preformance increase comes from the change in pipe tuning due to the higher temps of the gasses.

It is similar to shortening the pipe. Eg. tuned for higher rpms.

Hey, I figured out from anothers users link how to post my own pic's. See my earlier post in this thread to read what lead up to this then check these out! AlbumIndex?u=4048466&a=30311692&f=0


Hmm, did not work as an image in my browser, let's try as a link.

web page


BigDesto before I did the header wrap I was pumping coolant out the over flow every time I rode the tight trails. After header wrap I havent had to add coolant for mounths now.

I was told that if you keep the heat in the pipe it will increase the exaust speed and scavenge the hot exaust out of the cylinder better. That in turn will help cool the cylinder and head.

One thing for sure I used to add coolant every time I rode tight trails and now I dont.

for motocross every thing may be differnt, I dont know.


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