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New to me 07 KX250F

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I just joined the ranks of the Green and after riding the bike for the first time I am beyond stoked on the bike!! So much easier to ride than my 05 CRF450R and infinitely more fun. I've gone through the bike as much as I can, but I don't have any idea what sort of service history the bike really has. The previous owner was a "trail" riding 16yr old (which I believe.) He put a lot of bolt on goodies on it like levers and what not, but what concerns me are the motor internals. He claims to have been good about oil changes and what not, but the air filter was basically mud. No hour meter so I have no way of knowing what the piston has seen. Valves were right on the edge of acceptable tolerance. Rt exhaust was .01mm too tight. I re shimmed anyway just to get them to middle of spec to keep an eye on them. Went through the bearings and what not and greased everything. Like I said above the bike runs perfect, but do I need to worry about the piston cracking as I have read elsewhere? Also, if you were going to put a piston in, what would you run? I need the bike to be pump gas capable, so real high compression isn't an option. I'm racing the bike in Vet Beg/Nov so extra power would be a good thing too. Any good suggestions?

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