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coolant seal ring fell out... sx150

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o i havent rode it 3 monthes and i finnaly got a job and the money to buy a new top end and go riding.. i forgot to fully tighten my coolant seal bolt on the top of my head and it worked its way out about 10miles back on a trail... i used water bottle water to try and keep my radiator filled up but only water below the hole stayed in.... anyways i tried really hard not to overheat my bike...

im reallly really bummed out right now.... when i got home ive been flushing my radiator with distilled water... but when i started it up it seem to vibrate...??

idk maybe my water pump is shot from not having the right pressure on it?

or water got in through my sparkplug and my rings are messed up

or does overheating mess up your rings and should i get new ones

or is my water pump seal messed up causing vibration i dont know please help guys i wanna ride!

anyways my bike sounds wierd and feels slower than it did before i went riding

so for now im gonna order the bolt that fell out and new engine ice

anyone who can tell me anything it would be really appreciated


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