Stuck Throttle When Running...

The throttle on our 1991 XR600 is fine when the engine is off but gets sticky and difficult to twist when the engine is running... How can that be? Any ideas?



If you are sitting on it when it is running, the cable is probably being pinched by the seat or tank. Ask me how I I spent a couple hours and more than a couple beers figuring that out on mine. Luckily I had my trusty F-16 mechanic helping me.


Thanks Keo, I checked it and that seems to be unobstructed and fine. It is fine when cold but after riding for a minute or so it tightens up and is a real bear to turn. Once the engine is shut off it's fine until I fire it up again. I am stumped.

Should I replace the cables or tear apart the carb??

:) Help..Help...

Do you have brush gaurds, or resently installed them? If so, you may need to cut back, and/or slide the throttle in on that side of the bar. Loosen the bar end part of the throttle assy, and see if it twists more freely. Just a suggestion.

How about taking the the cable loose at the twist grip when it works fine. Check the cable and turn the carb by hand to see how it should feel. Then run it and when it gets tight repeat the drill. This way you can see what is sticking. How about the slide is it worn?

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