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Sheared Off Skin On Index Finger: Ok to enduro on Sunday?

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Backstrory: I was cutting plastic off a bottle when the serrated knife I was using slipped and sheared off about 3/4 inch long chunk of skin to the side of the nail on my left hand pointer finger.

I didn't loose any muscle or other tissue, and the ER Dr. mentioned I sheared off 5 of the 7 layers of skin. The wound is compression bandaged right now which has stopped the bleeding. It will take a few weeks for the skin to regenerate. There is some pain from where the bandaging touches the wound.

The first enduro of the season is tomorrow and I'm keen for opinions if it's ok to race with the wound. As the wound is close to the nail, I think I can compession bandage the first articulation of the finger, allowing me to bend the finger, so I can use the clutch lever. The primary concern is keeping the wound clean, so I'd plan on rebandaging the wound right after the enduro.


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