Uncorking Closedcourse Competions Modificaitons What Else?

Spring has arrived and I will be picking up my new 2008 WR450F next week. I plan on following the Yamaha Wrench Report "Competition Performance Modifications."

What else will I need or want to do to get my bike set up?

Mostly back woods trailing riding.

Thanks for the input.

See you on the trails.

It all depends on what you want/expect from the bike. Reading the stickies at the top of the thread list will tell you most of what you want to know. I don't know which "Wrench Report" you read, but getting the AIS removal kit from yamaha is a good start, along with removing the entire muffler baffle.


Yes i will be jetting. Planing on the JD Jetting. another question i have is

should i also do the removal of the AIS...Smog Removal.

How often will i need to Check the Valves?

Thanks for the assistnace from all.


Also read this thread. I know it is long, unfortunately, but it has loads of good info.

O-Ring Mod and AP Tuning

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