Help fight Helmet Laws

The Forest service at one of our local dune riding areas is trying to enforce some new laws,

first they want to make us wear helmets, how ridiculous its really hot in the dunes, and besides the sand is pretty soft, second they want to also impose a no alcohol policy, which would apply to almost every rider there. Most of us have coolies attached to the handle bars, how else are supposed to stay hydrated and cool. And on top of it all they want us to stop riding double and have whip flags, the stupid flags keep hitting the rider in back in the head.

So please go to the attached link and sign the petition to stop unecessary helmet and alcohol rules.

If we dont stop them who will?????????

Once a quad rider, always a quad rider, huh?

David :):D

I was not going to respond but I am,

First Helmet Laws, Yes I endorse them, Why should I pay for your stupid ass head getting squished between bikes and sand or head on in the dunes. Once your in a coma with head trauma, who picks up the tab "YOU" Ya right Give me a freaking break.

Second Alchohal: I suppose you drive with an open container also in the city streets. Drinking while riding, and ya wonder why dirt bikers have a "BAD RAP" and get pummled all the time.

Geez Oatmeal, the sport is fighting for its life here, we need to be responcible advocates for the sport. Helmet laws are good, would you let you kid ride with out one, if you answer yes to that, then your a bigger moron then I thought, and if you do have kids and you ride with no helmet, what is that teaching them and what type of responciblity is that to your family. Kids cant hug a dead dad.

So please dont come back with your flame and social stance "I can do what ever I want So F*** Off" its my life Attitude. We all pay for the mistakes of others....

And no you cant do what ever you want expecially when it effects the masses.

Help support Helmet Laws they save lives and protects the stupid

BTW nice Link you posted must of been 4 to many Coolies when ya posted it Huuuh :)

I appologies for getting bent but you touched a very sore subject with me.

[ August 10, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

And those bastards are wanting us to wear cloths while riding, I mean damn, I want to really feel nature.

Ego, we allready pick up the tab for smokers with lung cancer, heart attacks due to a lifetime of eating fatty foods, stressed out people with high blood pressure, and on and on and on. Wearing a helmet is a good idea, however the fed. government should not make it a crime if someone makes the decision not to wear a helmet, while stupid, it is their right, just as it is someones right to skydive, scuba dive, rock climb, eat fatty foods, smoke, have unprotected sex, lay out in the sun for hours on end, and every other high risk behavior, as long as it does not affect the quality of life of others. Hell, look at it this way, all the people that go under the knife for not wearing a helmet, think of all that practice the nero surgeons get on these people. Now if you or I were to have a fluke accident (knock on wood that won't happen) think how sharp the doctors will be.

I do believe that the post was in the same vein as the baby carrier on the WR a few weeks back - i.e. in Jest... Anyone but a quad or harley rider can see the sense in a helmet, they do save lives - without them, theere is just more food for vegetarians...

Same as seat belts in cars... they save lives, but only if they are worn... the airbag in your car will not save you if you don't wear your seatbelt as well... how many times do you see kids NOT wearing seat belts in cars... too often I bet... yesterday I saw the most irresposible bit of parenting I have see in a long time... two kids, age 3 and 5, rinding their pushbikes along the main road in town, and riding contrary to traffic lights... they just rode therough the intersection when the lights were red, and the others had just turned green... lucky the drivers both ways saw them and waited... parents nowhere to be seen... I stopped the kids and found they had been sent to the shop for milk and cigarettes by their mother... incredible...

Anyway, no matter what laws the govt. makes, some people will disobey them just to make some sort of point, others will do it out of stupidity, and yet others think they are invincible... The hardest thing is to protect people from themselves sometimes... Think of it as a natural selection process... next generation of dirtbikers will be a smarter breed... the dumb ones will have been killed off...


BTW, any hints on insulated cup holders for my WR so I can enjoy a cold one while riding... LOL

Originally posted by E.G.O.****:

I was not going to respond but I am...

Wow EGO! Have you been drinking? Read the post again, see the winkie in the title, look at the name of the site he linked, and realize that he was joking.

On the subject of helmets, one of the reasons I despise this unlimited government the we are subject to is that they want to take my money to pay someone else's medical bills and then say that because the pay medical bills they have the right to tell me what to do. I realize that sentence sucked but I'm mad just thinking about it.


The helmet law is there because some people are to dmb to think for them selves. of corse with out a law we get rid of people that reallllllyyyy don't belong in the world. message, If you don't wear a helmet you are not smart enough to use off road toyz.


Thanks Chris, I always thought you were free to do whatever you wanted (within moral and ethical bounds). And exactly who should second guess another's decisions? And since when does the federal government have any right (10th amendment is part of bill of rights too) to intervene either way?

Just on a social note, I'm sure you do something dangerous (drink? smoke? drive fast? eat fatty foods? shower without a mat?) that you are willing to risk because you want to do it. Which of your neighbors would you entrust to second guess you? And which would you entrust with enforcement action?


Tripod you right Im wrong

I guess Im gonna go sky diving without a shut :)

Or scuba diving with out an air tank.

You missed the point

Gear gear is what saves you life, do you see Major League BaseBall using no helmets when at bat, wonder why> Hows about a 100mph fast ball to the side or your head.

Im sorry, I am no supporter of a governement that legislates stupidity,

But some people need that legislation becouse as on other post put it. There too stupid to think for themselvs...

Just because it is unlawful does not make it a Crime.

In New York, Crime constitutes a Misdemeanor or Felony, not a Violation. You see, a Violation most often means the issuance of a ticket (Uniform Traffic Ticket or Appearance Ticket), which must be answered by court appearance, or by mail. A Crime on the other hand, means you go with the officer for processing (fingerprints, photograph, etc.) and maybe a brief stay in lockup, prior to your arraignment. I doubt that it's an actual Crime to not wear a helmet where you live. Check it out and let us know.

Anyone who thinks helmets are a bad idea is fooling himself. Just join a police officer in a "parts collection" the next time he is at a fatal accident scene, and one of his unwritten job duties is picking up parts of the un-helmeted deceased rider. It's very analogous to the un-seatbelted driver.

Some laws are in place to protect people. Often, that means protecting the stupid from themselves. If you want to compare helmet laws to a restriction of freedom, go ahead. Obviously a helmet would not be protecting much for you. :)

Imagine the lifes we would save if every auto driver and passenger would wear a helmet. My kids and I always wear a helmet but to legislate common sense, the law books would be overfull. Mike


A DOT helmet is certified for headon crashes up to 17mph. At 17mph, you don't get parts. If there are parts, the helmet wouldn't do **** . Thanks for the enlightenment. Sounds like liberal 'make up rhetoric and pretend its official' method of winning minds of mush.

EGO, skydiving without a chute or scuba diving without an air tank would be analogous to going motocrossing without a motorcycle. In both cases, they are the enabling equipment, not the safety equipment.

I'm used to people not getting the point, that the fed government doesn't have a role, much less a constitutional role. You both seem to understand my personal freedom/personal choice issue and my aversion to the government controlling which activities we can participate in and how we have to behave when participating in them. Damn, I'm out of ideas. We just disagree, more strongly than either of you can possibly imagine.

Good luck with the jack boots,

Remember Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Forest Service,


p.s., does anyone else think it's strange that the government is starting so many of our worst fires? A government controlled burn burned most of Los Alamos, then a USFS rangerette started a big one, then a government helicopter 'protecting Americans' with a war on drugs burned a significant chunk of the NorthWest. Just imagine the trouble an individual or corporation would run into if they did such egregious things.

Interesting reply. I applaud your love of freedom, and I really couldn't care less about your hatred of the US Government. That's the great thing about the freedom we share in this country.

Actually, there's nothing "made up" about my actual experience at serious accidents, as I am in law enforcement myself. The irony that you deem my position as "liberal rhetoric" is priceless and very humorous. Keep the laughs coming.

If anyone sounds liberally rhetorical here, it's not me. Crying about getting a ticket for no helmet because "it's my choice" is infantile. It's the law, that's all; if you choose to defy it, pay your ticket and move on. If you get away with not wearing a helmet, or it's not the law where you live, so be it. That fact simply remains: it's a very good idea to wear the best protective gear possible, especially a helmet.

Happy trails. :)

Mark, I’m a college student who lives on the beach in San Diego with 3 other dudes. That should answer your social questions about me.



Ok a regulater and a Safty shoot.

Or maybe a altimeter or depth gauge

The point not every one has solid mass between the ears, some is mush, some is air, some is Poopoo.

I love freedom to thats why I am a sepremist :D

Geez mark you live in Idaho or Montana dont ya, you are a freeman or part of the identity movment

Jus razzin ya. Ya we can disagree, but it still dont make you right :)

That's why I love this forum. Guys can totally disagree and still go riding together and have a beer afterward. WHAT A COUNTRY! Let's just all agree to oppose the enviro nazis, shall we?

Wish I could meet you guys at the Very Official and Highly Anticipated First Annual West Coast TT Ride. Maybe next time.


This thread is a joke..

A wise man once said if you have a ten dollar head buy a ten dollar hemet,,Gary Bailey.

The way I see it, if you choose to wear no helmet,mabe we are better off with out you.

I saw a guy riding down the street today on an XT225 - get this: no helmet, no shirt, shorts, sandals. This was in traffic! :)

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