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New Fr tire. What should I get? How is the Maxxis IT on a CR250R ridden on the track

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I don't know from experience as I have never owned the IT front tire.. but it seems like a majority of the review I read about it says it isn't a good front tire.. some even say its dangerous.. but on the other hand.. I have read many great review of the IT rear.. From what I read.. it doesn't have the best traction ever.. but as far as giving good traction in many different situations.. and considering that it wears extremely well.. it is definately a winner.. soo I'm mostly on the trail.. and I needed a tire that I wouldn't have to change very often.. yet one that grips well enough to get my yz 450f to hook up.. so I chose to give the maxxis IT a try.. Also, the IT is pretty much the only tire that I can find in a 120/80-19 that isn't a bridgestone or dunlop.

I appoligize for not being entirely on point but I seem to have good luck out of the stock tire that came on my 08 450f.. even though I haven't had much experience with front tires due to trading bikes before I replace it.. but I am sure someone will chime in on this subject.

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