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Finishing touches on First Baja trip

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Hey all

Got great info form Boogerdad and others on my route. I just was thinking I would ask about were to stay/how much to pay.

I not looking for nice just basic. Also safe to leave bikes while we sleep and eat.

So any info would be great how much is took much! ie: am I getting ripped or thats standard. What places are good and which I should stay away from.

Route is Portoe to Gonzga sleep

GB to GN Sleep

GN to BoLA or San fransequitoe

Then back up

Any idea are good just looking for input

Leaving next Thursday form Portland OR thinking Portoecitus on Friday night maybe Saturday I'll how I feel.

Thanks again


If anyone is going down let me know

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I need to make an assumption here but when you post your proposed schedule as GB to GN are you saying Gonzaga Bay all the way to Guerro Negro? If so that is one heck of a day. One thing to always consider is when traveling off road in Baja is: You have to always have a fall back destination or escape point where you can hit the highway and get where you need to go. Make you plans taking into consideration that you will have a flat or two or perhaps a rock vs. case or some other untoward incident that will cost you time. You can make good time down there because speeds are relatively high compared to off road travel in your local riding areas but problems are huge or can become huge down there because you are far from any help or your truck and you have to rely on what you are carrying.

If you hit the highway shortly after going through Coco's corners right above Laguna Chapala then cross the highway and go West then South you will be along way away from anything for some time. Plan accordingly and start early. Have a great ride and we will look forward to hearing all about your trip.


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Gonzaga = Alfoncina's :banghead:

gb to gn??:)

gn to bola? or Sanfinsisquito = Stay on the beach in the palapa's

They have good food and the best cots in all of Baja


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