Spark plugs type and service life

I used mine for about 1 month, then I was going to a 5day race and decided to change it with new one. I noticed big power improvement with the new one... so how often do you fellows change the spark plug? I use CR8E. Do you recommend some other type?

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I have been using the Split fire plugs. they last about a year. BUT Fresh plugs are always good!

this spring when I changed it, it was toasted.. not much shape left to the electrode.

It is probably time for another one, about 1000 miles this summer. :)

Its my practice to change a plug every 3rd ride depending how hard I rode. I will go about 6 rides on a single plug. The Manual states change every 3rd race I believe I may be wrong here it may be every race.

I use CR7EK's. For practice I'll run a plug for about 2-3 Months or so. However, when race season comes around, I change before every race.

Bonzai :)

isn't the cr7e a hotter plug? What conditions do you ride that this plug works better for you. I know it wont boost your power much but does it run better? thank you BIll.


he CR7EK is hotter than the CR8EK that many folks run. I get better throttle response from the 7EK and it allows me to explode out of the corners and off jumps more effeciently. Additionally, it burns the fuel more completely, the 8EK would leave a black residue on the disks of my Exhaust while the 7EK leaves a bronze tint. The 7 Does run Hotter and can make the bike overheat in 90-100 degree weather, to overcome that I use Engine Ice coolant which has done a great job in the GA heat.

Bonzai :)

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