Scotts Damper & WR450 problem

I kept my Scotts damper system from my WR 426 so I could put it on my 450. I called Scotts and they said it would fit. Well the were partially correct. The bolt on post fits great, mainly because Yamaha really cleaned up the steering head area. The damper and handle bar clamps also fit perfectly. The adjustable stem can be adjusted high enough also. But the arm that the post stem is supposed to fit into is about 1/4 inch too short. I am going to call them to see if they have a longer arm. I believe this problem is due to a combination of Yamaha moving the bar clamps forward slightly on the triple clamp and possibly a slight change in the rake angle. This problem is happening using the stock triple clamp. I don't know what the situation would be on other triple clamps.

Jummy, My dampner and mount fit pefectly. If I understand correctly, you're saying the connecting link is off by a 1/4"? Take the nut off on the bottom of the dampner and flop the link over, that should give you what you need.


Hmmmmm Whats going on here? The post/pin that should be riding in the arms slot is high enough, but the arm doesn't reach far enough towards the back of the bike to slip into the slot (about 1/4 inch to short. I took the nut off the bottom, but if I were to turn it over it seemed that the length wouldn't change but the height would. I didn't look at this real closely so I might have missed something.

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