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DRZ400 Wont start - HELP!

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I've just brought off a friend a DR that cut out when it got flooded during a stream crossing. Anyhow, he stripped it, checked it and cleaned it. No bore / pistion / valve damage (so he tells me) any how, he put it back together (reset cams / new gaskets / new plugs etc etc) and it started, he rode it down the road when it cut out and he was unable to restart it.. He lost interest and its been in his garage for a while...


It turns over but does not fire.

There is good spark

The plug does seem dry.

There is some compression although i havent tested it.

I've taken off cam cover and all seems ok, timing marks are where they should be and chain is secure. (unless its jumped a tooth - will check tomorrow)

I've stripped the carb and cleaned it.

I've fired some WD40 into the inlet and its back fired a few times.

It does seem to blow out of the inlet more than suck?? hence plug is dry??

I've read many threads suggesting cams/valves etc so will check tomorrow, i will also pour some oil down the bore and see if that improves compression>??

Will also try to bump / push start it and see if that works? Will also check side stand sensor (but i would imagine that is ok cos surely if the side stand is down it wont turn over like my ZXR).

Any other ideas, dont really want to strip it down again but will if i have to.

Really appreciate any help you can offer.

Many thanks


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