rear wheel lacing on a yz450f

im in the process of lacing up a rear wheel on a 07 yz450f, and the wheel has 2 diffrent length spokes, can anyone tell me if the shorter ones go on the inside or the outside?i did one of these wheels a while ago, and had to break it down 2 times before i got it right, id rather do it once this time lol

Also found this on another forum on SuperMoto and they were discussing building wheels for an '07 YZ450f using stock hubs.

Typically there are 2 lengths, but sometimes 4 lengths, and 2 different curved ends, the 2 longer sets go to the sprocket side, the longer of THOSE 2 sets are the ones that enter the hub NEAREST the center of the hub.. One of the curved ends is wider. That is the outer spoke and enters from the center of the hub outwards. The inner spoke has a small hole it fits inside of.

Hope this helps.

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