Simple gearing question for 07 WR450

I apoligise if this is a dumb question.....

I am currently running 13/50. I don't want to put a little 12 up front. I want to go up 3 teeth on the rear. The only one I have found is aluminum. I want steel if at all possible. Is a steel 53 available? From whom? How many links will I have to add? Will the chain guide need to be modified? Replaced?

Thank You, RJ.

Iron Man sprockets make a 53.:) Tell them you are a member of the BRC and you should get a 10% discount.

Talk to them about the chain length. They have chain / sprocket combos.

I added two to my back sprocket and thats Maximum on chain length

Ken, the Ironman looks to be the answer. Light weight and steel to boot. It is just a bit on the pricey side, but you usually get what you pay for.

But for now, until I wear out my oem chain, I might try a Sunstar 52.

Thanks guys.


What did you ever find out about the chain guide?

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