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Fresh Top end 657cc 10.5:1 & Mikuni TM42 Pumper on the "L"

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Freshly installed on March 14 2009 :

-J.E Piston kit 657cc with a compression ratio of 10.5:1 ( stock 644cc 8.5:1).

-2 New exhaust valve with 4 new valve seals.

-1 New timing chain.

-Gasket set.

-FMF Slip-on Q4

-Mikuni TM 42 Pumper Carburator.

The bike is a 1995 with about 16,000Km.

I just started it... Wooooooo.... I love Mikuni feeling... :)

I'll give it a little try tomorrow morning.:banghead:

Sounds good too...:banghead:

Getting ready to tear it down :


Top end off .


New piston and cylinder on


(left) stock carb , (right) Mikuni TM42 Pumper.


Fits pretty good but the rear adaptor should be about 5 to 8mm longer and it would be better.






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Sweet! I like it. Any chance that you documented the over haul or photo the whole project? Would be way cool to get an idea as to the scope of a job like that. I am thinking of adding the Hot cam and JE piston to my ride.

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