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Help needed identifying BRAKING caliper

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Here's the story, I've got a 2002 S-model that has been sumo'ed by a previous owner. The front wheel has a 320mm rotor and a BRAKING four-piston caliper. I have looked online, and have not found anything that matches up with the caliper I have. I need to get new brake pads, but do not know what to order. The closest fit I have found over-the-counter is EBC FA-123 pads, but the 'ears' where the guide pins go through are not wide enough to take the BRAKING retaining pins. The BRAKING caliper bolts directly to the stock caliper mounts, and there is no adaptor bracket involved.

Can anyone out there help me identify this beast??



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I don't know if that link will work, if it dosn't just go to motovan.com and go to the catalogue page.

Once on the actual catalogue if you go to page 789, SBS has a listing of every pad they sell, along with a small picture with dimensions and stuff. If you can identify the pad that way, it shouldnt be too bad getting a EBC cross number, or whatever you prefer for brake pads.

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