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2 stroke ? please help now

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Not a big time poster but viewer,I currently have a 83 RM 80m,an 83 IT 490 and two 07 CR250s coz they stopped making them(favourite bike).I have done the 4 stroke thing,yep its fast 59.5 bhp (tuned) was my old crf BUT I have gone back to 2 stroke in 07,one of mine has about £1000 pounds worth of extras fitted and is mint to ride.My old bike was a real CAS 03 cr250 which was pretty quick.Problem I am getting is I think I maybe quicker on the short tracks on a crf250 or cr 125 < same equivillent but not as agressive as what I am used too.I just need more tack speed.Any thoughts :) What can I do to a crf250 to be quicker ?? or as quick as my 2 stroke obviously not as agresive.I need a happy intermedite,suspension comes down to a lot but running K tech is good enough for me.I boosted this off somone elses thread but know I cant remeber whos,It might or been the revival or demise of the 2 strokr.

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