Hot Cams Intake cam install question

Hi guys, bike is an 01 wr 426, I am installing the hot cam stage 1 cams.

My question concerns the Intake cam. As it comes from Hot Cams, it is adjustable by cam gear.

It is set so that if I align the marks on the cam with the cover as a normal install, the cam is advanced about 10 degrees above horizontal. Is this where it is supposed to be, or is the cam gear mis -aligned from Hot Cams.


I have the exhaust cam (not adjustable) on my yz. The same hotcams work for a yz or wr. According to the directions that came with my cam, the intake is set at stock from the factory(stock timing for a yz426). You can adjust it, but if you want your wr to run like a yz, I wouldn't mess with it. Its going to look different from the stock wr since the cams are the same as a yz426. Just make sure the timing marks line up according to the hotcams directions.

I doubt it was knocked loose from the factory its probably bolted on tight and threadlocked etc. The only way to know is measure it, its supposed to be 105 from center I think, but I'm not sure how to measure that, maybe some one else here will chime in on that.

Thanks for the reply...

Well ,this morning I actually compared the stock intake cam side by side with the Hot Cams intake...

Well, both cams are degreed so that the centerline of the cam lobes is about 2 or 3 teeth above the I mark on the cam gear.

Maybe I shoulld have compared the two cams side by side before wasting your time!


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