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CRF250x/ 270 big bore Christini ride report

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We went out to Jawbone today with Jon and Cut7 for a little ride. They both had KTMs but I had just finished putting a big bore kit in DirtBikes crf250x Christini and we went off for a little (cough cough) testing to make sure every thing was correct and working properly. No mater how you put it a 250 is still a 250 when comparing them with the 453 ktm of Jon and the 570 ktm of Tom. The CRFx in stock for was for me well to put in bluntly a toad. It did what it did ok but for some one of my girth it would run out of steam after second gear if I had to climb anything steep or fast.

So we took the bike in for a little motor enhancement first we installed one of Thumper Racing's 270 kits, ported the head and a gold series torque cam from HotCams to round out the package. This combination made for a more much more fun bike. I still prefer a big bore bike for most of my riding but this bike was way more fun than I thought it would be. After this ride and with this engine set up I would have no problem adding a smaller bore 250+ Christini to my stable just for single track and woods riding.

Where before i would have to drop into second I could now pull 3rd. The motor still had the feel of a 250 and needed to be ridden as one but it was now more user friendly. Where the little bike really shined was in some of the tighter soft sandy scrub laden single track we found. it was tight and lose sand in and out of trees and scrub. on a normal bike the front would wash out in the corners or bury itself. On Christini you didn't ever feel the front washing out. Just when you thought it was about to the font wheel would dig in and pull you through the turn it was amazing to feel that kind of control. The motor made plenty of power or this type of riding. 2nd and third would pull you through most and hill/obstical. it still had to be rung out to make power but it was also forgiving in places a 450+ would put you on your head.

Kiwk once said: "the best thing about the Christini is it goes exactly where the front tire is pointing. The worst thing about the Christini is it goes exactly where the front tire is pointed" There is no better way to describe the bike. This is so true if your front it out of whack and pointed the wrong way guess what you will be going the wrong way. Other that that there is no real down side other than the cost of the 2 wheel drive kit and once you ride one I can honestly justify the cost.

It was amazing, like most of us dez riding means steering stabilizer and the Christini doesn't have one because it doesn't need one. When the front wheel drive is engaged you don not need a stabilizer ever. We were running a fast sand wash and I did not have the front wheel engaged. The bike wallowed all over the place and swapped a little in the whoops. it wasn't bad but it was annoying. After stopping and engaging the front wheel drive it calmed the front down and the bike felt like is was on rails. the bike tracked through corners like they were straights. One of the most surprising and cool things was the way the Christini handled whoops. The difference was forgiveness, because if you did let the front drop in one instead of plowing the front end into it and causing you to swap the front end would pull itself out of the whoop and carry you over the next one.

Toward the end of the day we found some big sand hills to climb just for fun. If you have ever been to Jawbone they are off the main road just past the water pipe on the left. These are the type that if you walk down them you slide about 4 feet for every step you take. I lined up on the first one and it went great until I flamed out about 2/3rds of way up. Take 2 went a little better and I made it to 20' from he top. On my the third a temp I forgot to engage the front wheel drive and only made it 1/2 way. The 4th was the charm. Now you say come on 4 times before you made it up the hill ?? Well remember I'm on a crf250x with an extra 20lbs of front wheel drive on it not to mention 265lbs of rider. One of the guys I was with never made it to the top after 4 tries and both had more than double the cc's I had. (name removed here to protect the embarrassed :) ) But I must say if it wasn't for the front tire pulling I doubt I would have made it . So the Christini does help a lot.

Bottom line the bike put a smile on my face that will last for days. Lighter than a 450 and able to leap small bushes in a single bound whats not to love. If you do a lot of woods, tight trails, rock climbing this bike will instantly make you a better rider with out a doubt. I tried to tell them we need a few months more testing before we can release the bike back to them but they didn't buy it so the bike will be going back to Dirt Bike next week so look for a ride report from then in the months to come.

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