Brand new 06 WR 450 at Clearwater FL dealership...

I'm down here in Florida for work, so decided to check out the local Dealer....

Incase anyone is interested Ride Now Power Sports in Clearwater FL has a brand new, never prepped 06 WR 450 sitting in the show room.

They are asking $6,700 ish, which is WAY to much in my opinion (I can buy a brand new 09 for a bit over $8K in Canada), but it was very obvious they were willing to move on the price, and that they wanted it gone.

I don't think a 450 will fit in my carry on for my flight home, so I didn't get real serious with them, but for anyone in the area, it could be worth a phone call. I certainly got the impression that the price was open for some big movement from them.

If you go there, tell them that whacked out Canadian guy sent you...haha!


29703 US HIGHWAY 19 N

CLEARWATER, FL 33761-1524

Ph: 727-772-7704

Fax: 727-789-5069

That price is ridiculous. I just bought an 09 for $6298.00 OTD.

Wow that is insane, I bought my 06 yz 450 in march of 07 for 5400. My friend bought a 08 yz 450 last dec for 5700. plus tax of course.

I think they actually had a price on it for a new

The price is certainly insane, which I pointed out....and that's when they started in on how we "can discuss the price"....I didn't bother, as there is no way I would buy a bike this far from home, etc......

I kinda wish I did start sounding serious now though, because, now I'm cuious to just what they had in mind for "discussing the price"

Any way, my goal was to just make folks in that area that there IS a brand new 06 there.....and, I find that most folks on here are more then capable of smartly negotiating the $$ part of it


maybe if they werent screwing around with the price, the bike wouldnt be sitting on the floor for 3 years

Max Power, truer words were never spoken typed.

I bought my 06 new last year from a dealer for 4950

A few weeks back a dealer in WI had a few leftover 06's for $3,900 plus tax.

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