wr450 Banjo bolt

I have a 03WR450 on order that I want to make street legal as soon as it is delivered. I already have a 426 I made street legal. My problem is I'd like to order the hydralic brake switch now, since it's the only item I'm not sure what size it must be. With Yamahas new rear brake setup I'm concerned what size the banjo bolt will be. If any one has this information I would sure appreciate a reply with that info.


I compared the bolt on a new03 YZ450 to 02 WR 426 and they look the same. Baja Designs might know.

The switch should be a 10 X 1.25 thread and pitch. All you need to do is tell the shop it is for a Japanese bike. email me if you need more help. dale@trickdualsport.com

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