new hampshire riders?

i'm thinking of moving to new hampshire.

hows the off road riding situation up there?

lots of legal areas?

any info from locals would be appreciated


They don't have any pizza up there or Chinese food.

You ain't going anywhere.

i'll have it fed-ex'd in,

i'm serious, any info will be helpful


Here is some info:

This is CHOCK FULL o’ stuff!:

Do a search on Clough OHV Park. It is west/southwest

of Concord. It may be in a link above.

I live smack in between Portsmouth and Concord on Rt. 4 >> Northwood, NH.

P.S. Is it REALLY pronounced Joy-zee? :)

So where are you relative to the Garden State Parkway? It seems EVERYONE lives near the GSP. :D

It is probably the only place in the country that is talking about opening New State parks for OHRV use!

But do not tell anyone. I do not want anyone else moving into NH. I love my own little paradise.

The riding will be a hell of a lot different then "Joisy".

Can you say "Rocks".

Why are you thinking of moving up to Snow Country??

i assume you've never ridden in north jersey, we learn how to say rocks very early here! :)

i'm trying to get away from people and the stress thay they bring

thanks nhkevin

Very expensive housing. A decent house is 250,000 not a palace just decent.

Loads of minorities. Almost 1/3 of the housholds in NJ don't speak english at home.

High taxes.

Almost no public riding areas.

Terrible traffic.

Thats why if I could I would get out of here in a New Jersey minute.

LOL, I didn't mean any harm. All have I heard about Jersey riding is tons of Sand and Pine Trees. I moved up from VA and have really enjoyed the area. I live in the Southern Part of the state. It is the most Populated. The North Country is hit and miss on Population.

NHKevin sent some great sites.

If you race then NETRA is the way to go. Kinda like ECEA.

There are a few large offroad clubs in the area also.

If you like country, woods, and the great outdoors then I would recommend moving up. Well I wish you the best if you do move up to New Hampshire. Good Luck.

Thanks JJ, i do appreciate all those things so it's looking pretty certain for a year or so away. :)

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