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Rm-z 250 Crankcase

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I have a RMZ250 2005 and the crankcase has been smashed or cracked and has been welded by the previous owner which is all fine and everything work but there is a small oil leak by the kick start just to the side of the breather hose and i have a few questions on what to do.

Should i get a small spot of weld to seal up the leak?

should i buy a new crank case? $403 (£288) for a both sides (any help finding a cheaper one would be appreciated) http://www.xtremeusa.com/fiche_section_detail.asp?section=88490&category=Motorcycles&make=Suzuki&year=2005&fveh=2006

Now i hear that the Rmz and kfx engines are the same and they look the same but are both engines exactly the same so the crankcase for a kfx would fit straight on the rmz?

i have found a new crankcase for the kxf for $307 (£214) from the same website :S http://www.xtremeusa.com/fiche_section_detail.asp?section=381339&category=Motorcycles&make=Kawasaki&year=2005&fveh=8815

the parts look the same to me

Or are there any suggestions for a good fix on this?

if needed i will take a picture

Thanks in advance


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