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Shifting problems after winter storage

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Hello, this is my first post, so don't beat me up too bad! I have a DT250 ('75) that was working perfect this past fall (4600 miles), and after sitting for 4 months it started not shifting any further than 1st to 2nd. After some riding around starting in the yard and then out on the road, it finally stopped malfuntioning. I am looking for input as to what may have caused this, and I also have a '78 TT500 that is not shifting at all and it did last fall, although not very good. The DT is fine now, I'm going to change the gearbox oil, and as for the TT, post this in the appropriate (although there does not seem to be one for TT500's) forum, and see what they say. My incination is to have a look at the indexing mechanisim on the TT, and see if I really need to pull the engine to fix the gearbox. Thanks for any advice, Tarzy

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