Identify connectors ...

Please can someone tell me what these loose connectors i have found up front are for:

The top on in this photo: ?


And this black one: ?


I assume these two are for the front indicators: ?


And this is for the rear indicators: ?



the black three prong is head light. i dont really know more.

Interesting, my headlight (high/low beam - if that makes any difference) is plugged into the 4 pin white connector in photo 1 above.....


The wiring harnesses are different depending on the continent.

You need a service manual.

Those wires are for a dual-sport kit (maybe Baja Design style). Turn signals, front and back, and horn. The 3 prong black one is the headlight plug. If you don't have the kit (turn signals, headlight)on the bike someone may have removed it.

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