My new toy: 2005 Wr450

I recently joined the forum, and after some research and advice from you guys i bought myself a nice clean 2005 Wr 450.


Been very well looked after, 1200km from new, picked it up yesterday, started 1st kick this morning!

Now just need to get out and ride!


I think thats an '04. The '05 had a grab handle cut into the left side numberplate, CR style front brake routing, smaller 2.1 gallon tank, and the breather hose was routed to a fitting on the airbox.

Congrats! That thing is clean :):banghead:

Im sure it is a 2005, the manual supplied ( looks like the original) is for a WR 450 FT , and im sure the T means 2005.

The registration doc has first registration as Oct 2005, but this doesn't mean its a 2005 model.. maybe it sat in a showroom and wasn't sold untill 04 ?

How can i tell from the frame No ? Not that it matters, its in great condition.


It's a 04. I totally agree with JSanfilippo. By the way, very nice bike man!! Congrats...

I had no idea it was on 04. But looking at the frame number, it sure is!

Still, great bike, cant believe the power compared to my klx 250, awesome !

Need to learn to keep the front wheel down, was never a problem before!

Looks clean that mate! Where in the UK are you?

Ya it is an 04 model, not that it really makes much differance it looks like a nice clean bike. A 05 model as 48mm forks vs 46mm forks on the 04, 05 model has a slimmer tank, and has AIS (emmisions kit for california). There must have been a huge stock of 04's in the UK and Ireland that were not sold because there is a lot of them advertised as 05's and have 05 regs.

That's interesting. Wonder why so many sat around for so long, this was registered Oct 2005....

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